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Fluke Biomedical and RaySafe expanding presence in EMEA regions

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | November 20, 2014
Fluke Biomedical and
RaySafe at MEDICA
DOTmed News caught up with Fluke Biomedical at a press conference during MEDICA last week to learn about their acquisition of Unfors RaySafe and to get an update on the direction the company is heading.

Fluke Biomedical is a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing and simulation products, with a large industry footprint. Unfors RaySafe is a quality assurance leader in the radiation space specifically; they have tight partnerships with OEMs like Philips, Siemens, and GE. Since coming together in February, the combined companies have been working to expand their radiological portfolio.

Eric Conley, general manager for Fluke Biomedical, discussed goals in terms of quality assurance. "It requires a business that has the scale and capability to inform customers and give them the support they need in order to learn how to use their units, provide preventative maintenance, and lift the quality of health care all over the world," said Conley.

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While radiation expertise comes from Unfors RaySafe, Fluke Biomedical brings scale to the table. "We were definitely a much smaller, very innovative company," said Magnus Kristoferson, CEO of Unfors RaySafe, "Every year we have the new solutions, but then it is about getting them out to the market and spreading the awareness."

Kristoferson spoke about the RaySafe X2 family of radiation measurement solutions which premiered at RSNA 2012 and recently received PTB approval in Germany. "More and more, the X2 is replacing the XI family. It is a high-end solution for measuring radiation in real time," said Kristoferson, who was wearing the product on his suit jacket.

The system measures radiation exposure with a badge and helps the wearer to stay informed, enabling them to make changes to lower dose rates if they reach unsafe levels. "This is a safety tool and we're glad to see sales picking up," said Kristoferson.

Indeed, Unfors RaySafe and Fluke Biomedical are planning for rapid growth in the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. They recently brought in five new sales managers to facilitate that expansion. "A lot of what we're talking about now is specific to the expansion of what we're doing," said Conley, "continuing the path of high-level innovation."

The press conference emphasized having complimentary teams on the commercial side as well as the research and development side. Both Conley and Kristoferson expect that unique combination to allow for adapting to industry changes faster and more efficiently than previously possible for either company individually.

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