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Siemens to release Mobilett Mira Max mobile X-ray system

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | November 26, 2014
Mobilett Mira Max
from Siemens
Just in time for the 100th meeting of the RSNA, Siemens has announced the latest addition to its MAX (Multiple Advances in X-ray) family of products. The MAX system, which is designed to expedite the image-taking process while ensuring high quality results and ease of operation, has already been integrated into fluoroscopy, urology, and fixed X-ray platforms. The latest platform to receive the MAX treatment is Siemens' mobile X-ray system, the Mobilett Mira.

Mobile X-ray systems eliminate the need for patient transport and allow clinicians to perform examinations in tight spaces. DOTmed News spoke to Oliver Klinkow, director of product marketing for Siemens Healthcare's X-Ray Products Business Unit, about how the Mobilett Mira Max stands to improve upon those protocols.

"It all boils down to process efficiencies," said Klinkow, who cites fast and easy patient positioning, lightweight detectors, fast processing time, and quick, but precise maneuverability as aspects of that efficiency. "It's the combination of all those things that make the Mobilett Mira Max so great," said Klinkow.

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The Mobilett Mira was introduced in 2011 and over the last three years, Siemens has been working with customers to further improve the system, as well as incorporate the latest technological innovations, said Klinkow. One significant change is the ability to swap detectors with other MAX platforms, (such as Ysio Max, Luminos dRF Max, and Agile Max). The interchangeable parts include a small, (9.5 x 12 inches) detector for imaging smaller joints or exams conducted in an incubator, as well as a larger (14 x 17 inches) detector for lung and chest imaging.

"A standard use case could be you have a MAX fluoroscopy or radiography system where you might not need the smaller size detector every day all the time. This could be for shoulder X-ray examinations for example," said Klinkow. "But with the smart swapping concept you have the flexibility to do pediatric care unit examinations with the small detector when you're not using it for shoulder examinations. The detector registration is completed in matter of seconds allowing you an uninterrupted workflow."

The Mobilett Mira Max clocks in around 827 pounds, which Klinkow said will make it one of the lightest digital mobile X-ray modalities on the market. It also features extensive battery life, which is important for systems that spend a lot of time traveling throughout hospital halls, as well as better ease of operation for navigating those halls.

"The new ergonomic drive handle allows for a much more comfortable cruise," said Klinkow, "Also, the detector holder on the back end side of the mobile X-ray unit is so slim that when you make larger steps you refrain from hitting the unit." Siemens will issue a press release on the product shortly, and will also feature the Mobilett Mira Max system during RSNA.

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