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Siemens gets FDA approval for new version of Multix Fusion DR System

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | January 19, 2015
Medical Devices
Siemens Multix Fusion
DR System
A new version of Siemens Multix Fusion DR System offers two-detector X-ray technology for smaller-budget facilities, and has just been approved by the FDA.

The system — which is essentially the same as the version approved in 2012 except for the number of detectors — supports the full spectrum of routine radiography and features digital cassette-sized flat-panel detectors, a large fixed detector in the wall stand, a height-adjustable table with a 660 pound capacity, and a touch screen positioned at the overhead tube suspension for exam parameter changes at the patient's side.

In comparison to other DR products from Siemens, this system is for customers trying to serve a high patient throughput with excellent image quality and low dose. With the two detectors, it offers improved versatility and positioning flexibility.

In 2012, speaking on behalf of the original version, Gerhard Schmiedel, vice president of X-Ray Products at Siemens Healthcare said, "The Multix Fusion provides leading digital radiography technology that gives customers outstanding image quality and improved clinical workflow while being sensitive to current financial and health care reform challenges."

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