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Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems is showcasing a full spectrum of X-ray imaging solutions

by Elina Mitchell, Marketing Communications Mgr, Varex Imaging | March 04, 2015
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - March 04, 2015 – ECR Booth #317/Expo C - Varian Medical Systems (NYSE: VAR) is showcasing a full spectrum of X-ray imaging solutions that bundle components and software to improve image quality, reduce costs, and enable greater patient throughput for manufacturers of mammography, fluoroscopy, angiography, cardiology and cone-beam CT imaging systems. These solutions are on display at the Annual European Congress of Radiology (ECR) meeting in Vienna, Austria this week.
“This year’s exhibit shows our commitment to the industry’s demands for technically advanced X-ray components,” said Carl LaCasce, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Varian Imaging Components. “With our new X-ray tubes, detectors and imaging software bundles, we can offer our customers, who are manufacturers of X-ray imaging systems, a full imaging chain that provides them with an expedited path to new product development for the global market.”
Varian’s exhibit this year centers on carefully engineered X-ray tube housings, flat-panel digital image detectors, and image processing software products, including:
• The B-121 mammography housing, designed for high throughput and performance in specialized mammography systems. This air-cooled housing, which was developed for digital mammography and tomography applications, fits a standard 3 inch X-ray tube insert. It is available with two shroud configurations; with D/C fans or without fans. “The B-121, when equipped with fans, has a 200% increase in continuous heat dissipation over standard mammography housings,” said LaCasce. “This allows our customers higher throughput rates and significant workflow efficiencies.”
• The innovative direct capture PaxScan 3024M flat panel X-ray image detector, designed for full field digital mammography (FFDM). This narrow and compact detector offers rapid image-acquisition capabilities that make it possible to acquire images close to the chest wall, with results available in seconds. Its architecture, which is based on amorphous silicon (a-Si) design, can operate at rapid frame rates for advanced mammographic applications. “This product will help to extend digital mammography into emerging markets, where its ability to operate in diverse environmental conditions makes it an attractive option over existing technologies,” said Rick Colbeth, Ph.D., general manager and vice president for Varian Imaging Components.
• Nexus Imaging Software, a powerful platform that can process both DR and RF images from PaxScan digital detectors on a single platform. With its multi-modality and multi-detector flexibility, the high performance Nexus technology offers reduced equipment costs.

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