New Product Showcase

New Product Showcase

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | May 09, 2015
Pacemaker System
with Full-Body
ProMRI Technology
From the May 2015 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Pacemaker System with Full-Body ProMRI Technology
BIOTRONIK recently announced that the FDA has approved its ProMRI Eluna pacemaker system. BIOTRONIK ProMRI technology allows patients to undergo full-body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans with both single-chamber (SR-T) and dualchamber (DR-T) Eluna pacemakers when implanted with Setrox pacing leads.

Precision system
for highly proficient
revision knee surgeons

Precision system for highly proficient revision knee surgeons
DJO Global, Inc., a global provider of medical device solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management, is launching the new Exprt Precision System for highly proficient revision knee surgeons. The Exprt System redefines total knee revision arthroplasty, providing advanced technology to experienced revision surgeons that lead to greater value and efficiency in the operating suite. Exprt’s streamlined, compact design reduces turn times, minimizes waste, and has proven implant design technology - all for 40 to 70 percent of the cost of comparable knee revision systems. A simple, comprehensive 2-tray system replaces the traditional 8-tray setup used during complex, total knee revisions, dramatically reducing prep time, eliminating unnecessary surgical steps, and allowing the precision skills of revision surgeons to truly hit the mark.

Servicing GE/Siemens Nuclear Medicine equipment with OEM trained engineers

Numed, a well established company in business since 1975 provides a wide range of service options including time & material service, PM only contracts, full service contracts, labor only contracts & system relocation. Call 800 96 Numed for more info.

interventional lab
and CT solution

All-in-one interventional lab and CT solution
Expanding the industry’s first seamless integration between interventional labs and CT technology, Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc.’s all-new Infinix 4DCT has received FDA clearance with the Aquilion PRIME CT system configuration. Toshiba’s Infinix 4DCT is an all-in-one interventional lab and CT solution to deliver real-time CT images during procedures instead of CT-like images. The system significantly improves workflow with its SURE Guidance technology, which allows for automatic transition between modalities. In addition, it is capable of saving significant time by allowing clinicians to perform CT and interventional procedures within the same room and verify treatment success following procedures.

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