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DOTmed Certified George Girgis Leads Meena Medical Equipment Inc. in its Second Decade

by Barbara Kram, Editor | October 04, 2006
George Girgis, president,
Meena Medical Equipment Inc.

Meena Medical Equipment Inc. started in 1995 as a small biomedical organization maintaining equipment. The repair expertise of President George Girgis, a biomedical engineer, quickly led to expansion into sales.

"When I repaired medical equipment [providers] trusted my judgment and started asking me to get an EKG machine, or an infusion pump, autoclave or defib. So I found myself researching how to buy equipment," Girgis said. He found equipment at hospitals and created a showroom at his Colleyville, Texas company to concentrate on the Texas and Oklahoma markets.

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"About 10 years ago, I started a web page and we put on equipment. But we found out people don't know [it's there]. We heard about DOTmed and thought it a good idea to talk with you. We really find a good deal with DOTmed because your name is excellent. Our sales started to grow more and more."

Meena Medical Equipment Inc. became successful by sticking to a well defined formula focusing on small medical practices and surgical centers. "I found out that most of those bigger companies don't really deal with the small clinic or practice because they don't have time for small contracts. They need a big hospital to deal with. I thought, why not handle those people? With my engineering experience I am able to get them a fair price."

"Our advantage, when customers buy equipment, they know that we are a biomedical company and cover our equipment for three months or six months. We can even get them a guarantee for the whole year at additional cost. We are ongoing so we support our customer and our price is lower."

Lower prices on general equipment for smaller customers is a system that works. "We don't want to make a big chunk of money and then the rest of the month not sell anything. So we make a little bit and depend on volume most of the time....People say `go for Xray, go for ultrasound' but if we expanded to specialized equipment for a smaller base we would find a lot of competition. So we are happy."