Samsung launches new high-end ultrasound

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | July 27, 2015
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Samsung's HS70A
Samsung Medison announced today the launch of its HS70A high-end ultrasound. It’s geared toward radiology, internal medicine, vascular and other fields with a high number of patients who require continual diagnosis.

"Covering a wide range of departments in hospitals, HS70A delivers high efficiency in all operations," Wayne Spittle, executive vice president at Samsung Medison's, told HCB News. "HS70A is designed for hospitals and outpatient clinics wishing to achieve greater productivity in daily practice with no compromise in performance."

HS70A’s S-Vision technology reduces signal noise and generates much clearer and more detailed 2-D and color images. It’s equipped with the S-Vue transducer, which enables easier visualization with larger bandwidth and higher sensibility.

It also features EZ-Exam+, which streamlines the exam by enabling users to use predefined protocols and ensuring that the user will complete the exam without forgetting any image or loop capture.

"Users in radiology and internal medicine can benefit from uniform images and better penetration which enhances imaging in technically challenging patients," said Spittle. "In vascular diagnosis, our latest workflow features, EZ Exam and Quick Preset, will provide higher throughput."

When the user clicks on suspicious lesions, the S-Detect technology draws lesion borders, suggests characteristics of the lesion and can hint at whether it is benign or malignant. Its Arterial Analysis feature detects changes in heart vessels and generates measurement values including stiffness and intima-media thickness.

The HS70A has a 23-inch LED HD display and a highly sensitive 10.1-inch touch screen. Its console is designed with user-friendliness in mind, with user-customized keys and the ability to move in all directions.

HS70A will be launched first in Korea, Europe and the Middle East and then in the U.S., China and Brazil.

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