The 2016 National Proton Conference

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | October 23, 2015
The National Association for Proton Therapy (NAPT), will be holding their 5th Annual National Proton Conference this upcoming January in New Orleans. NAPT is a registered non-profit, public benefit corporation providing education and awareness for the public, professional and governmental communities.

With proton therapy establishing a grown track record of success and rapidly gaining new advocates, Todd Ketch, Executive Director of NAPT, said, “We expect a record turnout for our 2016 event, both from the provider-side and the owners/operators, and vendors”

The conference will focus on the latest advancements in the technology and the trend toward downsizing the equipment. Reimburse trends and insurance issues will also be on the agenda.

The hottest topic in the PT space is the downsizing of the proton beam generators which is making PT centers more affordable to construct and operate, which in turn make PT more accessible. According to Ketch, there are 17 PTC operating now, and an equal number are under construction now, or at the advanced planning stage, so that in two or three years, there should be about 35 PT centers operating in the U.S. alone, For more information or to register to attend the event, please go to:

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