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DOTmed welcomes Linda Comisar on board as division vice president

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | April 17, 2016
Linda Comisar
DOTmed is pleased to announce that supply chain expert, Linda Comisar, has recently joined our company as the leader of the Clean Sweep auctions division. HealthCare Business News sat down with her recently to get an idea of her background and what kind of experience she will be bringing to the table.

HCB News: When did you first discover you had a knack for supply chain management?

Linda Comisar: I was fortunate enough to get my first exposure early in life with a part-time job as a sourcing assistant before personal computers, and yes even fax machines, were invented. I think getting that early introduction to the Supply Chain world provided me with both a unique vantage point and an invaluable education.

In those days, in order to locate items you had to use an encyclopedic resource that was published annually, Thomas Register. They were very expensive, so chances were the set you owned was several years old, thus outdated. So you needed to learn quickly how to be resourceful, how to talk to people and get them to want to help you, and how to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. I found that I really enjoyed solving the unsolvable problem — and 30 years later here I am.

HCB News: What are the most common mistakes or redundancies you've come across in terms of part sourcing and distribution for hospitals?

LC: Not having an organized, educated supply chain in place for all purchases made... that is a mistake that is all too frequently made. Some hospitals are losing out on the opportunity to leverage spend. Also, not truly engaging vendors as partners. I have found that with most vendors if you share with them the challenges you face they will work with you to develop solutions that benefit everyone involved.

HCB News: When you were with Catholic Health Initiatives you developed a centralized procurement group, what did you learn from that experience?

LC: The biggest lesson learned was the tremendous savings opportunity that exists with centralized procurement within the heath care space.

HCB News: Tell us about your new position at DOTmed. How will your previous experiences inform your role?

LC: My entire career has always involved effectively managing a lot of moving parts, this new role is no exception. I have worked in consumer goods, manufacturing, automotive (OEM), and health care. My intimate knowledge of clinical engineering operations — as well as devices and parts — has been quite helpful. All of these experiences will prove invaluable in leading DOTmed's new Clean Sweep division.

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