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Bringing it all in-house: Intermountain Healthcare blazes the trail in Utah, Idaho

August 30, 2016
From the August 2016 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The central depot also services mobile medical devices such as IV pumps, sequential compression devices and syringe pumps. If one of our hospital-based CE technicians comes across a mobile medical device that will require more than 30 minutes to service, they will send it to the depot for repair and then can move on to another unit without wasting large amounts of time on a single unit. This gives our CE technicians the ability to complete more repairs in a single day in addition to putting more equipment back into the hands of our health care providers.

To support these hospital-based and depot operations, we have a central dispatching group and a centralized parts room at the supply chain building. The parts room has 715 CE parts line items and 273 imaging parts line items, including tubes. All parts being shipped to a hospital CE shop can “hitch a ride” on one of the 80 daily courier runs going from the supply depot to the hospital facilities. We can have parts to any of the CE shops within the Salt Lake City area in under three hours. Having a centralized parts inventory on hand allows us to utilize price breaks on high-use parts, cut shipping costs by using lower-cost, lower-priority shipping and maintain our parts inventory at needed par levels.

About the author: John Schafer, MBA, is the program manager, clinical engineering for the Intermountain Support Services/Supply Chain department. He invites you to contact him if you are interested in bringing more of your equipment service in-house.

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