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MR Safety product showcase

October 30, 2016
From the October 2016 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Kopp Development Inc.
Kopp Development Inc., a manufacturer of ferromagnetic detectors, provides a ferromagnetic incident log manager, FerrAlert™ F.I.L.M. The logging of ferromagnetic objects entering the MRI room is now required by the Joint Commission.

The Aegys® TechGate® provides an on-demand warning barrier at the push of a button. The LEDlit warning bar supports custom messaging and is engaged or retracted in seconds via MRI conditional wireless transmitters. TechGate physically stops individuals prior to entering the MRI suite, dramatically decreasing the likelihood of an adverse event

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Insights into your critical network, and the devices connected to it

You can’t fix what you can’t see. With enhanced visibility and monitoring of your devices and network, ReadySee™ can help you stay ahead of issues before they disrupt patient care.


The Aegys® Ceia® PD240CH Handheld unit is capable of screening for either ferrous only or all metallic items present with patients or staff. This functionality addresses projectile and RF burn threats and also provides information useful in reducing artifacts or image quality degradation.

The Aegys® Ceia® MetalMag® portal unit is capable of suppressing alarms on non-threat items such as underwire bras or footwear while alarming on projectile threat items. This functionality dramatically reduces false alarms. The MetalMag® can also be outfitted with data logging accessories such as transit cameras and remote monitoring modules.

Avotec Silent Scan®
Silent Scan provides 30dB NRR with a full-coverage headset that will fit in any coil. The console features built-in radio, microphone and speakers. Noise-free function for all magnets up to 10.5T.

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