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RSNA Product Showcase

November 19, 2016
From the November 2016 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Cardinal CT Tube Varian Medical Systems
Hall A, Booth 4301

The Cardinal CT tube is being designed into new CT equipment and is also a direct replacement for the Stargate/CTR-2150 tube used in Philips Brilliance 6® and 16 CT scanners. The Cardinal has a high heat capacity with excellent image quality and throughput allowing for quicker imaging.

GOPView XR2Plus with extended OEM Tuning Tool ContextVision
Hall B, Booth 7208

ContextVision’s gold standard image enhancement solution for digital radiography enables excellent image quality results, great durability and robustness in daily use. GOPView XR2Plus enables a fast and precise workflow by making images easier to read through adaptive enhancement of structures in the image and simultaneous suppression of noise. The OEM Tuning Tool offers X-ray system manufacturers flexibility in parameter optimization and tuning to satisfy various preferences, empowering the end-user. It also provides the utmost in image processing quality and guarantees competitiveness to the OEM by providing the ability to quickly fine-tune parameters after a system modification. When image quality is the core competence, the OEM Tuning Tool improves and maintains control of image processing parameters for true customer satisfaction.

MCS 8064 Replacement X-Ray Tube Varian Medical Systems
Hall A, Booth 4301

The MCS 8064 X-ray tube is an anode end grounded (AEG) replacement X-ray tube for the GE LightSpeed® VCT scanner offering lower life cycle costs. The MCS-8064 was designed with Varian's experience of manufacturing 30,000 anode end grounded CT tubes over 20+ years. The MCS-8064 installs and calibrates on the LightSpeed® VCT like the original OEM tube.

RadiForce MX215 EIZO
Hall A, Booth 3706

EIZO’s RadiForce MX215 is an ideal monitor for viewing medical images in the clinical review environment. With a built-in calibration sensor, you are assured of the most accurate and consistent images possible. With FDA 510(k) clearance and a 5-year warranty, EIZO’s Radiforce line offers true peace of mind. The MX215 also adheres to the strict NY State PDM luminance guidelines, warrantied at 280 cd/m2.

TomoSpot Beekley Medical
Hall A, Booth 5124

Architectural distortion from older surgical sites seen in digital breast tomosynthesis creates questions that can lead to additional and unnecessary workups. Specifically designed, tested and proven to image with minimal artifact in 3D mammography, TomoSpot® for marking scars helps you correlate architectural distortion from prior biopsy sites by delineating the exact location of incision.

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