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Hospira and Iatric Systems partner to integrate smart pump and EMR technology

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | December 21, 2016
Business Affairs Health IT
Hospira's Plum A+ Infusion System
Hospira and Iatric Systems have announced a partnership to make Hospira’s smart infusion devices interoperable with Iatric Systems’ Accelero Connect integration software solution.

The companies are piloting smart pump-EMR interoperability at an undisclosed hospital in the U.S.

The goal of the partnership is to automate pump programming with the validated EMR medication order as well as document medication administration data in the patient’s EMR. That requires two-way communication between the pump and EMR.
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Iatric Systems’ Accelero Connect is vendor-neutral and enables interoperability between medical devices and hospital EMRs. With the solution, hospitals have been able to integrate critical care and low-acuity vital sign monitors and ventilators with their EMRs.

Iatric Systems has also partnered with the patient monitoring company, Welch Allyn. In February 2014, the companies partnered to leverage Accelero Connect to automate how vital signs are captured and recorded in patients’ EMRs.

Traditionally, nurses manually enter readings from medical devices into the hospital EHR often hours after the readings were taken. That can lead to data entry errors and delays in diagnosis and treatment delivery.

With Accelero Connect, the IV medication orders are sent from the EMR to the infusion pump. In addition, start times, stop times and other infusion details are being sent from the pump back to the EMR, which saves nurses time and might improve hospital reimbursements.

According to Hospira, it was the first smart pump vendor to successfully integrate with three major EMR platforms. The company plans to add another major EMR to the list once the pilot with Iatric Systems goes live.

Hospira and Cerner collaborated in 2003 to develop infusion pump and EMR integration technology. In August 2015, the companies announced an agreement to enhance interoperability between Hospira’s IV infusion devices and Cerner’s CareAware solutions.

“Smart pump-EMR integration can help save lives and money,” Frank Fortner, president of Iatric Systems, said in a statement. “Simply put, it’s the right thing to do.”

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