Q&A with Dennis Durmis, head of commercial operations, Radiology Americas at Bayer

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Q&A with Dennis Durmis, head of commercial operations, Radiology Americas at Bayer

by Gus Iversen, Editor in Chief | December 28, 2017

Our position as a company, even when we had MVS, was that we supported some level of quality system requirements for third parties because it doesn't take many bad apples in the cart to put patients at risk. We think some level of consistency or standard would help drive better patient care and improve what the customer is paying for.

For instance, if the patient is paying for a particular service and is not aware that they're receiving a compromised version - that's a challenge. How do you demonstrate that you missed a diagnosis because something wasn't serviced properly? Statistically that's difficult to capture, because you simply don't know what you don't know.

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HCB News: Speaking of what we know and don't know. Let's talk a little bit about artificial intelligence - it seems to have formally staked its claim at RSNA this year.

DD: It's fascinating how things are changing with AI and it's not a question of "if" but "when" - so we see AI being embraced more regularly. Is that helping a physician make a diagnosis? Is that going to be niche with regards to the disease state? I think those things will happen sooner than later and geography will a big factor in how it comes around.

For Bayer, looking at AI from an imaging perspective, image consistency is important for enabling AI to reliably read an image. So, what we specialize in with contrast administration; the amount, pressure, flow rate, protocol delivery depending on weight or age - these are areas where we play an important role because the software demands consistency.

HCB News: Could you imaging AI someday impacting how injections are performed?

DD: I think it depends on the sophistication of AI. We will be able to detect shades of grey better than the human eye so does that change the enhancement rate requirements of the scan? I think that's more of a long term idea and pretty far out. Near term, obviously interoperability with the scanner, hospital information system, PACS, RTLS, where the patient is at in their journey... those types of things will become more integrated and more sophisticated AI tools will follow.

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