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TeraRecon brings a partnership focused strategy to AI at RSNA

by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | December 06, 2017
Artificial Intelligence RSNA
TeraRecon – which has been in the advanced visualization field for 20 years — announced that it will launch a distribution partnership with EnvoyAI to provide 35+ AI algorithms through the company’s platform, including two EnvoyAI solutions just cleared by the FDA.

According to Lindsay Fleming, vice president of marketing at TeraRecon, the move is in keeping with the company’s mission to innovate ahead of market demand and move beyond “the buzz of AI” in imaging to offer practical solutions.

“We started a couple of years ago (developing) our plan for how to address the need for artificial intelligence in imaging and we took a look at some different avenues,” she told HCB News. “Our strategy began with the image viewing components because that’s our core focus.”
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The company launched the shared AI strategy with 14 partners and, in the first day of RSNA, that number grew to 17. Fleming expects the number of partners on the TeraRecon platform to grow considerably over the next year or so.

“Over at The Showcase (at RSNA) there are a lot of companies that may be small but have brilliant contributors who create algorithms that can have a broad clinical impact,” she said. “But taking those products to market is a challenge for some of those smaller companies. We want to be that middle ground for them to do more with their algorithms than they could do alone.”

EnvoyAI is a good compliment to TeraRecon’s Intuition visualization system as plugins, and she noted that all their algorithm partner’s programs would run similarly on their platform.

Misha Herscu, CEO at Envoy AI, said that such partnerships will make it easier for radiologists to sort out the best AI applications for their practice and clinical setting.

“Most radiologists and potential customers we speak with are interested in AI, and would love to try out some of the products in the space. However, there is just too much noise, and too many people saying too many different things, for them to decide where to start,” Herscu told HCB News. “There are also too many small companies vying for their attention. What our platform does is make it very easy to explore what is out there and then clinically implement the solutions that the rads like best.”

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