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RSNA highlights in digital radiography, fluoroscopy, and mammography

December 10, 2017
RSNA Women's Health X-Ray
By Julie Johnson, analyst with MD Buyline

The hot topics in evidence among digital radiography vendors at this year’s RSNA conference were advanced applications, bariatrics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and improving efficiencies with better clinical outcomes. Vendors showcased their high-end automated systems with advanced applications such as auto-positioning and auto-tracking, which can reduce exam times and promote faster throughput.

Tomosynthesis, dual-energy subtraction, and auto-stitching for scoliosis and long-length imaging studies were also at the top of the list among vendors. With the obesity epidemic on the rise in the U.S., table weights continue to increase, and many customers are requesting a bariatric component to their systems. The ability to see the entire anatomy of a larger patient is important, as it reduces the need for multiple image acquisitions and minimizes radiation exposure.

In addition to high-end systems, vendors also recognize the need to offer value systems with lower price points for smaller clinics and imaging centers. There was no shortage of such systems at the RSNA booths. Continuity across the platforms is now becoming a requirement for many customers. With vendor-neutral DR panels or digital detectors, and shared interfaces on the economically priced systems, these systems can now produce images of the same quality as their high-end counterparts. Along with superior image quality, many of these value systems can be upgraded with additional options depending on budget constraints.

Several vendors launched new products and highlighted updates to their existing platforms. In the digital retrofit space, Canon exhibited the new CXDI-710C, CXDI-810C, and CXDI-410C Wireless Detectors. Konica Minolta introduced two new AeroDR HD Wireless Flat Panel Detectors for specialty applications, along with the Realism image processing solution. GE showcased Helix advanced image processing paired with FlashPad HD digital detectors, available on the Discovery XR656 HD and Optima XR240 amx.

Portable X-ray is a busy part of the market segment, and there was no lack of portables offered at this year’s at RSNA. Collapsible columns, longer portable battery life, and improved security features such as locking detectors and keypad entry were seen on several mobile systems. Shimadzu presented the MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 version. Fuji debuted the newly designed FDR Go Plus Digital Portable and also featured the FDR AQRO mini-digital x-ray system. Carestream showed off the DRX-Revolution Nano Mobile X-ray System (pending FDA approval).

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