icometrix expands AI portfolio with new icobrain reports to aid the diagnosis of dementia

icometrix expands AI portfolio with new icobrain reports to aid the diagnosis of dementia

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LEUVEN, Belgium, and BOSTON, MA, USA - APRIL 19th, 2018 – icometrix, the world leader in software solutions to obtain clinically meaningful data from brain MRI scans, is proud to announce to have received FDA 510(k) clearance and CE marking for icobrain, which now includes icobrain dm, icobrain ms and icobrain tbi. Alongside icobrain ms, which is the established clinical standard for clinicians treating multiple sclerosis patients, icobrain dm now provides radiologists and neurologists with easy-to-interpret quantitative reports and color-coded brain images to monitor important brain volume changes in individual dementia patients. These accurate and standardized measures help clinicians advance their treatment decisions and help them to confidently differentiate different types of dementia.

With an aging population and the incidence of dementia increasing rapidly, a recent report by the US-based Alzheimer’s Association has estimated the potential cost savings of earlier dementia diagnosis to be up to $7.9tn in the US alone.

While treatments are currently limited and are only able to alleviate symptoms, receiving a timely diagnosis will enable dementia patients to participate in ongoing trials, and, importantly, plan for the future by getting valuable information and resources. This allows patients to have important conversations with family, friends and colleagues to explain what changes are happening in their lives and to ask for the right level of support from professional healthcare providers and their loved ones towards the future.


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"The use of these icobrain reports and the measurements will undoubtedly help me provide more quantitative information to my referring clinicians”, says Max Wintermark, Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University, "We already have experience with the icobrain measurements at Stanford, and we are very pleased to now be able to use their reports to further help individual dementia patients in routine clinical practice”
Also in Europe, the CE-marking allows clinicians to benefit from the icobrain analysis.

"Quantitative structural brain MRI can support the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and is sensitive to disease progression”, confirms Paul Matthews, Director of the UK Dementia Research Institute at Imperial College, "Standardised, population-referenced measures should enhance care, particularly for those with subjective memory complaints or mild cognitive impairment. I am delighted that icometrix now are able to offer this service to clinicians”.

By providing also dementia analysis, icobrain can aid in the diagnosis of more patients with a neurological disorder.

"Our quantitative measurements in people with multiple sclerosis are used globally and we are receiving a lot of positive feedback from clinicians saying that the reports aid significantly in the treatment of their patients.” says Dr. Wim Van Hecke, CEO of icometrix, "This is why we are pleased that we can now also offer icobrain to clinicians who treat patients with dementia.”

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