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RT Pro edition of MAGNETOM Sola

Siemens launches RT Pro edition of MAGNETOM Sola at ASTRO

by John R. Fischer , Staff Reporter
Siemens Healthineers’ unveiled its latest MAGNETOM RT Pro edition, this time for MAGNETOM Sola MR, this weekend at the 60th annual ASTRO meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

Designed to assist in radiation therapy treatment planning, the debut of the MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Sola comes just five weeks after the FDA’s clearance of the 1.5 T MR system which employs BioMatrix technology to balance out patients’ anatomical and physiological differences to avoid unwanted exam variations.

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“In radiation therapy, a very important point is that images are geometrically accurate, so there are no spatial distortions. The protocols we offer for the RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Sola have been optimized regarding this aspect,” Martin Tasler, head of global product marketing for Siemens, told HCB News. “In addition, we can, for the first time, offer out of this product the ability to calculate electron density images from MR data, which are typically acquired with CT. You need these images to do radiation planning.”

Equipped with an all new magnet and a 70-meter bore, MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Sola is designed for extremely high performance and long-term stability, with an RT DOT engine that predefines RT strategies through automatic correction of image distortion for improved spatial integrity and automatic reconstruction of axial images to enable direct processing of all data in RT planning software.

The system design includes an interface with RT positioning lasers to support accurate patient positioning and RT Image Suite, an RT post planning software that allows the system to produce synthetic CT images from MR scans, eliminating the need for patients to undergo both CT and MR procedures.

“With the new synthetic CT, MR becomes a one-stop shop,” said Tasler.

The software is also a new addition to the RT Pro Edition for MAGNETOM Vida, the 3T scanner that made its debut at ASTRO 2017 and offers assistance in RT planning as well. Distortions, specifically ones associated with MR diffusion imaging, are further reduced by a factor of three using RESOLVE software, enabling images to be used in dose planning for the linear accelerator.

MRI Homepage

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