Canon adds radiation oncology functioning to Aquilion CTs

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | February 12, 2019
CT Rad Oncology X-Ray
Aquilion Prime SB
Canon Medical USA has welcomed its Aquilion Prime SP and Aquilion Lightning 80 premium CT scanners into its radiation oncology portfolio, alongside its Aquilion LB system.

The healthcare tech giant has added a range of new features that provide the two native radiology modalities with superior CT imaging capabilities and precision tools for oncology planning, as part of an effort to make CT simulation more accessible, repeatable and flexible for radiation oncologists.

“The Aquilion Prime and Aquilion Lightning 80, prior to these options, were radiology scanners that were used either in EDs or for scanning outpatients from a diagnostic capability,” Timothy Nicholson, senior manager for market development of CT at Canon, told HCB News. “Now, with the extended options, such as the extended field of view and flat tabletop, providers can also utilize them for CT simulation in radiation oncology.”
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Available on new and existing systems, the RT package includes a 70 cm extended field of view of the anatomy; an RT flat table top, for comfort and ease in scanning patients in the same position; respiratory gating, for robust flexibility of respiratory motion management; and LAP lasers, for improving in-room patient set-up and technologist workflow.

With the Aquilion Prime SP and Aquilion Lightning 80 detector scanners, providers are able to assess patients with 0.5 mm x 80 row PUREViSION detector technology, which can be configured and field-upgraded from 80-160. The systems are also composed of a 78 cm bore, 50 cm field of view, AIDR 3D and SEMAR technologies.

Canon Medical’s gold standard radiation oncology system, Aquilion LB, is composed of a 90 cm bore, as well as 0.5 mm x 16 row PUREViSION detector technology for 32 slices, 85 cm extended field of view, AIDR 3D and SEMAR technologies. It is designed to facilitate complex patient setups and provides enhanced patient comfort, with confidence increased by CT simulation positioning mirroring radiation therapy positioning.

The addition of radiation oncology functions to Aquilion Prime SP and Aquilion Lightning 80 stems from the desire for higher utilization of scanners among providers, and makes both of them more versatile, compared to Aquilion LB.

“It really allows them to use them as a shared scanner,” said Nicholson. “Radiology could buy the Aquilion Lightening or Prime, and share some of the time with the radiation oncology department to do some of their scanning. It’s about purchasing a scanner as a shared device within a hospital network.”

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