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Q&A with Adventist Health White Memorial CEO John Raffoul

by Sean Ruck, Contributing Editor | March 12, 2019
From the March 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

What’s just as important as all the accolades is that we’re absolutely known for our community engagement. Last year, we were the second runner-up in the nation for the Foster G. McGaw Award for the most engaged hospital in the community. We do outreach with the homeless. We operate a childcare center in collaboration with the Mexican-American Opportunity Foundation. We’ve established a thriving community garden to help educate the community on how to eat more healthily, and we’ve involved local elementary and high school students in that program – they go to the garden to learn how to plant, harvest, and prepare fruits and vegetables for meals at home. We offer scholarship support to kids in the community who plan to go into nursing, and when they finish their education, we hire them at the hospital. Having nurses from the community is actually a huge part of our success.

While I’m most proud of our work in the community, Adventist Health White Memorial also conducts medical mission trips across the globe, where we provide free healthcare in Mexico, the Philippines, Peru, and across Africa. We truly live our mission of Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.

A multidisciplinary clinical team charts out patient care plans
HCB News: You have a relatively new facility in Los Angeles, with technologies on par with those at state-of-the-art academic medical centers. Can you share a bit about how a community hospital like Adventist Health White Memorial got to this point?
JR: We know our patients deserve the best, so we’ve been very active in seeking and developing deep partnerships with medical device companies whose technologies deliver faster and safer patient care. One example is our relationship with FUJIFILM Sonosite, a relationship that’s enabled us to use their mobile devices for point-of-care and bedside diagnostic imaging. These devices save staff time, speed time to diagnosis, and literally save lives in the ER, NICU, ICU and beyond.

We’re especially interested in partners who can offer the support and training necessary to maximize the use of their technologies.

HCB News: How have those technologies and relationships impacted health outcomes in your community?

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