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DiA cardiac ultrasound solution selected for IBM's AI imaging marketplace

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | December 01, 2019
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DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., which provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for ultrasound imaging analysis, announced that its AI-powered cardiac ultrasound software is available on the new IBM Imaging AI Marketplace.

The company's FDA-cleared LVivo EF solution measures ejection fraction in cardiac ultrasound using AI, preselecting the relevant views used for the quantification, replacing the visual estimation that can vary among clinicians depending on their experience, said Hila Goldman-Aslan, chief executive officer and co-founder of DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd. The solution also flags scans with concerning measurements.

"Right now in echocardiography labs, they're not doing quantified ejection fraction for every patient because it's time-consuming and there is a lot of variability," Goldman-⁠Aslan told HCB News during the opening day of the RSNA annual meeting in Chicago.

The product is used in both echocardiography labs and in mobile, point-of-care ultrasound, such as the Vscan Extend handheld mobile ultrasound from GE Healthcare, which DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd. has also partnered with.

IBM's curated Imaging AI Marketplace provides a single location to procure and deploy FDA-cleared AI solutions as well as Watson Health-developed AI solutions. Along with DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd., other partners include Circle Cardiovascular Imaging, MaxQ AI, Quantib BV and VIDA LungPrint.

Goldman-⁠Aslan said the IBM marketplace will help its customers choose from among vetted AI imaging solutions in a crowded market.

“Hospitals are really struggling to know what to select,” Goldman-⁠Aslan said. “There are so many AI solutions and IBM is saying, for our customers, we are offering something we have pre-checked, we have selected for you the best of the best and we know that it’s working, and we are helping you with the decision-making of what to add to your facility in terms of AI.”

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