MEDICA proves itself as an mHealth hotspot - Trend report no. 8

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MEDICA proves itself as an mHealth hotspot - Trend report no. 8

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | December 06, 2019
Mobile health (mHealth) is one of the biggest trends in the healthcare sector worldwide. Compact solutions that improve the networking of stakeholders in the healthcare system, e.g. for transferring data between doctors and for doctor-patient communication, continue their trajectory due to this. MEDICA is the biggest medical trade fair in the world with over 5,500 exhibitors, many of whom are showing us what these trending mHealth applications can contribute to uncomplicated, fast healthcare right now. MEDICA took place from November 18 – 21, 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The young companies participating in the following events provide perfect examples of this: the MEDICA START-UP PARK, the “Disrupt” sessions at the MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM, the MEDICA App COMPETITION and the HEALTHCARE INNOVATION WORLD CUP. These companies pulled visitors in with their creative ideas and innovative presentations and also drew attention from potential investors and business partners.

“We’re the only company to offer therapy using brain and muscle signals”, stated Dr. Subhasis Banerji of SynPhNe Pte Ltd. from Singapore, evidencing pride in his solution that competed in the finale of the 8th MEDICA App COMPETITION (19.11.). His presentation won the jury over and SynPhNe (pronounced “symphony”) became the overall victor, beating out the competition. The runners-up, in 2nd place (from Israel: an AI solution for digital pathology) and midge App (from Germany: a test app that facilitates taking blood samples and evaluating them, winner of 3rd place) also impressed the judges.

All 15 finalists, regardless of their placement, are certainly winners; they were given the opportunity to present their health app solution to the international professional audience that travelled from 170 nations to MEDICA.

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Simultaneous training for the brain and muscles

This victorious mobile solution, SynPhNe, records brain and muscle signals simultaneously. It consists of a specially developed headset with neuronal sensors and an arm glove which is fitted with muscle activity sensors. The patients use this to perform tasks that are shown to them in videos. Movements and brain signals are synchronized in real time using this technology. The patient carries these exercises out as an inpatient first and then they continue the treatment independently once they have been discharged as an outpatient. Dr. Banerji highlighted indications for the application such as recovery after stroke and treating dyslexia and attentiveness disorders in particular in his stage presentation. The app could also be used for injuries and a few other age-related impairments.

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