From alarm management to AI, patient monitoring gets a facelift

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | February 10, 2020
Patient Monitors
From the January/February 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

“Today, patient monitors provide excellent surveillance over patients, especially continuous monitors used for the critically ill,” said Ziese. “In line with what we’re seeing in other industries where technology is becoming more predictive, patient monitors will move from displaying patient data to predicating patient status, helping to guide personalized decisions in treatment for each member of the care team.”

He believes that the patient monitors of tomorrow will be able to assess changes in response to therapy, simultaneously navigating multiple conditions and sharing changes in patient management plans in real-time with the appropriate care providers.

Although strides have been made with regard to wireless patient monitoring, there are still a lot of wires near the patient. GE’s Parkhe predicts that as many parameters become wireless disposable and allow early ambulation and patient comfort, the company will become more of a software business.

Nihon Kohden uses a hospital’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to deploy telemetry devices instead of installing a traditional antennae network. This allows for telemetry transport in more areas of the hospital at a much lower cost. Expanding on its work with Wi-Fi connectivity, the company partnered with AT&T last February to incorporate 4G and eventually 5G, so that patient data can be shared and sent to the cloud regardless of where the patient is.

“If a patient comes from their home to the hospital then you would have access to all of the data that was measured on the patient at home,” said Bitar. “There will be infrastructure in place where all the systems can connect.”

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