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American College of Physicians endorses 'Medicare for All', public option

by Thomas Dworetzky, Contributing Reporter | January 21, 2020

To control costs ACP proposed cutting back on “excessive prices, increasing adoption of global budgets and all-payer rate setting, prioritizing spending and resources, increasing investment in primary care, reducing administrative costs, promoting high-value care, and incorporating comparative effectiveness and cost into clinical guidelines and coverage decisions.”

ACP is not alone in its efforts. Even the AMA, for so long opposed to approaches like “Medicare for All” has begun to shift its position. In June, 2019, its House of Delegates shot down a measure that would have ended its opposition to single-payer approaches, but by a vote of 53 to 47 percent — coming out in support of fixing the Affordable Care Act instead, according to The Hill.

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Then in August, 2019, the AMA dropped out of the industry group Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, which runs anti-Medicare-for-All and anti-public-option ads.

Pushing back against the ACP move, Lauren Crawford, executive director of the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, called its proposals a “one-size-fits-all system controlled by politicians.”

The partnership is made up of various healthcare professionals, like doctors and nurses, and hospitals, as well as health insurance providers and biopharmaceutical companies. Their aim, Crawford stated, was “to ensure every American has access to the affordable, high-quality coverage they deserve.”

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