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Women's health product showcase

by Mai Hiraoka, Media Relations Manager | July 17, 2020
Women's Health
Bella Blankets protective coverlets for mammography
From the July 2020 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The following are just some of the products and services that are ushering in a new era in women's health technology.

Beekley Medical
Bella Blankets® protective coverlets for mammography

Add to your infection control measures and put patient minds at ease. Thin by design, Bella Blankets allows technologists to position patients as close to the chest wall as possible. The textured material helps with “hard to position” breasts, prevents breasts from sticking to receptor plate to avoid skin tears, helps to shield cuts or infections in the inframammary fold, and acts as a sanitary barrier between patient and receptor plate. Bella Blankets remove without leaving residue for easier cleanup between patients.

CureMetrix cmTriage

cmTriage™ by CureMetrix - The first FDA-cleared AI-based triage solution for mammography in the U.S. Empowering radiologists to triage, sort and prioritize mammography worklists based on suspicious cases
that may need immediate attention. Based on studies, CureMetrix empowers the practice with: Faster reading time – 30% reduction in reading time looking at 2D mammograms; Fewer unnecessary patient recalls - 69% reduction in false positives vs. traditional CAD and Improved cancer detection – 27% increase in early cancer detection without increasing false-positive recalls.

EIZO Inc. RadiForce RX1270 12-megapixel color medical Monitor
RadiForce RX1270 12-megapixel color medical Monitor

EIZO is releasing a 12-megapixel color medical monitor in July of 2020. You can now view an even wider range of medical images at once, including displaying full high volume images for increased reading efficiency. The RadiForce RX1270 resolution is approximately 1.3 times larger than EIZO’s former monitors. Making it ideal for accurately viewing PACS images such as grayscale Mammogram and Tomosynthesis, as well as color images such as 3D rendering and image fusion.

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