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No. 4442 : SIEMENS Sensation 16 Slice CT Scanner

You are bidding on a 2003 Siemens Sensation 16 slice CT scanner.
December 2003 Date of Manufacture, installed Jan. 2004.
16 slice acquisition.
Syngo User Environment-VB28B SW Rev. level.
Straton X-ray tube with approx. 133,000 scan secs., gantry has approx 425,000.
Navigator/Wizard with GET Worklist,CAP-3D Filter-SSD, Filter-MIP,VOI Mode
CARE Dose, Care Bolus,and VRT.
Cardiac scan speed of 0.4 and 0.37, Turbo Reconstruction, extended FOV,and Bolus Track.
System is still installed and under full OEM service contract.
Chiller is included. Excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.
Midwest USA location. Available now, ex-warehouse Michigan.

No. 4422 : SHIMADZU Lot: 3 CT's CT Scanner

You are bidding on a lot of 3 Shimadzu CT scanners included in one low price.

1st unit: (first five pictures)
Shimadzu SCT4800TC CT scanner.
Model Number: SCT4800TC Serial Number: 167085601
Gantry: AZ-100G Serial Number: 167312602
Bed: CT-BED Serial Number: 267320101
Console: AZ-100S Serial Number: 167318102
Generator: CT-130K-10 Serial Number: 167230601
Tube: Shimadzu CX-750 Tube DOM: Oct-02
Total Slice 184,556
Tube Slice 114,000

2nd unit: (pictures 6-14)
Shimadzu SCT4800TZ-F CT scanner.
Manufactured Nov-99
Gantry: AZ-100G S/N: 167312303
Bed: CT-BED S/N: 167323904
Console: AZ-100S S/N: 167317702
Generator: CT-130K-10 S/N: 167221405
Tube: Varian GS2075 Jan-02
Total Slice 108,836
Tube Slice 63,813

3rd unit: (pictures 15-16)
Shimadzu Intellect SCT4800TF
CT System: SCT4800TF S/N: 0167076204
Gantry: AZ-100G S/N: 0167311201
Bed: CT-BED S/N: 0167320901
CPU: AZ-100S S/N: 0167316301
Generator: CT-130K-10 S/N: 0167220604

No. 4432 : INSTRUMENTARIUM Alpha IQ Mammo Mobile

Manufacturer: Instrumentarium
Model Name: Alpha IQ
Model Year: 1995
Console Model Number: MGF-110
Console Serial Number: 6507
40 Foot Coach- Self-Contained Unit
On-Board Generator- Allows to unit to do testing on its own power
On-Board Film Processor
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