AlgoMedica and Radiology Oncology Systems announce partnership

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AlgoMedica and Radiology Oncology Systems announce partnership

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | July 22, 2020 Business Affairs
SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AlgoMedica, Inc., the developer of PixelShine®, is pleased to announce they have signed a distribution agreement with Radiology Oncology Systems, a global provider of radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging equipment, accessories and related services. Radiology Oncology Systems will distribute and service the PixelShine AI solution throughout the US initially, with other markets to follow.

PixelShine from AlgoMedica is a new deep learning CT scan processing software that overcomes the limitations of standard image reconstruction techniques. It improves the quality of any CT scan by reducing image noise without blurring fine details. PixelShine improves the image quality of CT studies acquired at any dose level, such that lower dose scanning is possible for all applications. In addition, PixelShine is vendor neutral. It works with any CT scanner, regardless of the vendor, including older and refurbished systems.

PixelShine from AlgoMedica can provide a number of benefits:

Servicing GE/Siemens Nuclear Medicine equipment with OEM trained engineers

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Image quality you demand at the lowest possible dose
Dramatically improved image quality of low dose lung screening and pediatric imaging
Exceptional quality imaging of obese patients; at lower dose
Increase radiologist diagnostic confidence

"In Radiology Oncology Systems, we have found a dedicated and committed partner, that will help bring increased clinical confidence at lower patient dose exposure to the hospital and private practitioners market" explains Mikael Strindlund, CEO of AlgoMedica Inc.

"Our new and existing customers are asking for an affordable solution that upgrades existing CT scanners to the next generation image quality and dose management without costly OEM vendor offerings" explains John Vano, President of Radiology Oncology Systems. "AlgoMedica offers a unique and vendor neutral solution that fits our product offering perfect, we are thrilled to have PixelShine in our portfolio of radiology products."

About PixelShine from AlgoMedica
PixelShine by Algomedica was developed using machine learning. It can improve the quality of any CT exam by reducing the inherent image noise during the image reconstruction process. This is particularly applicable to ultra-low dose CT scanning applications such as lung screening. Pixelshine empowers healthcare providers to acquire high-quality CT scans using substantially lower radiation dose. PixelShine is vendor agnostic and can enhance the quality of noisy CT scans acquired by all types of CT scanners, including older and refurbished models. PixelShine is fast, requires no user interaction and can be remotely installed. Learn more at

About Radiology Oncology Systems
Radiology Oncology Systems is a global provider of radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging equipment, accessories and related services. It provides both pre-owned and new equipment, including linear accelerator systems, CT scanners, MRI systems, and PET/CT systems. Its mission is to expand the quality and quantity of patient care around the world by providing quality, affordable equipment solutions. For more information, visit or email

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