New study reveals health systems lack visibility into exam room utilization, impacting capacity and revenue

New study reveals health systems lack visibility into exam room utilization, impacting capacity and revenue

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ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--QGenda, the leading innovator in enterprise healthcare workforce management solutions, today announced the results of a 2020 study, conducted by Porter Research. The research findings, detailed in the white paper “Improving Capacity and Revenue through Effective Room Management,” indicated that nearly two-thirds of health systems lack visibility into exam room utilization, resulting in significant lost revenue. To address this industry-wide challenge, QGenda launched QGenda Room Management. By expanding QGenda’s enterprise provider scheduling platform to include enterprise exam room scheduling, health systems and clinics can better manage capacity and increase revenue.

Study Uncovers Desire for Exam Room Management Tool

The study, consisting of 100 health system executive leaders, indicated that lack of effective exam room management is leading to revenue loss across organizations. This explains why 70% of executives surveyed expressed interest in solutions to improve exam room utilization.

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“Financial strain on health systems has only increased in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing organizations to focus even more on managing costs and optimizing provider and exam room schedules,” said Greg Benoit, CEO of QGenda. “Anticipating an influx of patients who delayed elective surgeries, preventative visits, and other specialty treatments, clinics may quickly become overwhelmed without an efficient scheduling system in place. Finding ways to increase patient access, without having to invest in new space or hire new staff, is imperative. That is why we prioritized highlighting the larger picture of clinical capacity in our platform: to provide visibility and intelligent scheduling of both providers and exam rooms.”

While health systems have continued to automate and streamline workflows throughout their organizations, exam room management has remained a manual process. Thirty percent of respondents reported they do not use any software to manage their exam rooms, requiring staff to develop manual processes unique to each department. Another 20% use Microsoft Excel. The remaining 50% use other technologies that are not intentionally designed for exam room scheduling.

The Evolution and Merger of Provider and Exam Room Scheduling

The intentional, strategic effort focused on space optimization is the next evolution in enterprise provider scheduling and capacity management.

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