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Medical errors are still killing patients in the U.S, let's talk about it

January 18, 2021
Risk Management

For us to properly address this predicament, it’s crucial that we are honest with ourselves. Our culture has become all too anaesthetised in accepting the collateral loss of medical procedures. Unwanted variations in results is the danger, therefore developing consensus protocols that streamline the delivery of medicine and reduce variability, can improve quality, lower costs and minimize preventable deaths in health care.

The emergence of COVID-19 alongside the birth of dynamic medtech solutions in recent years has added some much-needed momentum to the issue of medical safety. Medtech solutions alongside willing collaborative movements, such as the Patient Safety Movement Mission, were recently born out of a yearning to eliminate preventable harm and death in healthcare. It’s these sorts of collaborative movements that raise awareness in the right places, and they will ultimately help shape the opinions of medicine’s decision makers in the years to come.

About the author: Doron Besser is the CEO of ENvizion and managing general partner of Swing Medical. Prior to co-founding ENvizion with Shay Tsuker in 2013, Doron served as President and CEO of Angioslide Ltd., a company specializing in innovative, cost effective angioplasty products.

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