RayStation in clinical use at Yamagata carbon ion therapy center

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | April 16, 2021 Rad Oncology Proton Therapy
RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) announces that the new carbon ion therapy center at Yamagata University Hospital in Northern Japan, has treated its first patients using the RayStation®* treatment planning system in combination with Toshiba’s treatment delivery system. The center opened this year, and the first treatments were carried out in February 2021.

The first treatment – a prostate cancer case treated in the horizontal fixed beam treatment room – was successfully carried out on February 25. The number of cases has steadily increased, and 12 prostate cancer patients had started treatment by March 18. In the next few months, treatments will commence for other tumor sites, using the rotating gantry port.

Carbon ion therapy is an advanced form of radiation therapy that targets cancer cells with high precision and favorable dose distribution compared to photon and proton beams, providing a higher tumor control probability while minimizing the dose for the surrounding normal tissues. Yamagata is the first carbon ion therapy center in Japan to use RayStation, and the first facility in the world to be directly accessible from a general hospital. Since the center can use the hospital’s facilities and infrastructure, it can provide carbon ion therapy safely and smoothly for very elderly patients and patients with pre-existing conditions that were previously challenging to treat.

Yamagata University Hospital and Toshiba jointly selected RayStation, based on its outstanding functionality and comprehensive support for this cutting-edge treatment technique. The RayStation installation features carbon pencil beam scanning with robust biological optimization using the microdosimetric kinetic model (MKM), and Yamagata is the first center to use MKM clinically with RayStation. Other functionality includes deformable registration, dose tracking and adaptive therapy.

Dr. Takayuki Kanai, Medical Physicist says, ”The commissioning process involves many time-consuming tasks, such as creating QA plans and verifying dose distributions. The sophisticated scripting capability and fast dose calculation of RayStation have greatly helped us to achieve these tasks. RayStation is also providing us a very smooth clinical workflow, since many functionalities, such as contour delineation, dose calculation, deformable registration, and robust optimization, are integrated in a single platform, that is difficult to realize with other treatment planning systems in carbon ion therapy."

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