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by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | May 24, 2021
From the May 2021 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Sun Nuclear RapidCHECK
“The unique design provides two detector sizes in one probe, 10 square centimeters and 100 square centimeters, which ensures full compliance with U.S. standards, 21CFR1020.30 to 21CFR1020.39, and IEC standard, 60601-2-3, 60601-2-54, and 60601-1-3,” said Fredrik Brorson, vice president of Solutions for RTI Group. “There is a big demand, particularly from the big X-ray manufacturers, because there are very few probes available in a true 100-square-centimeter size.”

The probe enables measurement of scatter and leakage both at long and short distance, fixed, or in a sweeping pattern, depending on the required application. It also has a rugged and robust construction compared to ion chambers.

The company has released the RTI Scatter Probe along with the new generation of its Ocean software, called Ocean Next. The X-ray quality assurance software is designed to be faster and with a better user interface.

Sun Nuclear
Last year, Sun Nuclear Corporation, formerly Gammex, released its RapidCHECK software, which enables automatic analysis of information from Sun Nuclear’s Advanced Electron Density Phantom. RapidCHECK automatically finds and analyzes the rod codes from a CT scan and then outputs the calibration curves.

“The steps that clinicians face would normally be tedious,” said Ken Ruchala, product manager for Sun Nuclear. “All that is now just a one-click computer operation. It saves time and can reduce errors, leading to more efficient, precise treatment planning calibration.”

The automated software can also do some error checking and lets you do a retrospective analysis, with all records incorporated into the data set, Ruchala said.

The company also released a combination kit for its Multi-Energy CT Phantom, which provides a base and set of rods for both diagnostic and radiation therapy testing.

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