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The role of AI and the radiologist in achieving optimal breast positioning for cancer detection

May 13, 2021
Women's Health

Dr. Christopher Austin at Kheiron commented, “From my perspective, what's really exciting is that AI is moving to a different part of the workflow. Much of what artificial intelligence has been promising to the radiology community is around how it can help augment the decision-making at the time of reviewing an image. What we're finding and certainly what we're focused on at Kheiron are all those other opportunities where a lot of machine learning is designed in a very effective way to automate some of these technical issues that we introduce as humans. This is an exciting conversation to really talk about and hear people's different perspectives about the role of AI in different parts of the screening workflow, specifically around image acquisition.”

Leading AI-enabled solutions have the potential to lay the foundation for breast screening programs by maintaining compliance and improving standardization of images. By ensuring that radiologists are consistently provided with the best possible diagnostic images, they will have the best chance of accurately detecting breast cancer. AI solutions may also reduce the number of technical recalls, which are not only expensive and a waste of resources for screening providers but are also a source of unwarranted anxiety for patients.

By embracing technology and working together with their technologists on continuous training initiatives, radiologists have the opportunity to significantly improve outcomes and their patient’s well-being. With AI-enabled tools, they can elevate the screening and interpretation process and transform the entire spectrum of image quality. As a result, patients and their radiographers will have the peace of mind to know that their images and efforts are being overseen every step of the way and that nothing will be overlooked.

About the authors: Mary Beth Chalk is a breast cancer survivor and patient and public involvement leader at Kheiron Medical Technologies. Dr. Randy D. Hicks, MD, MBA, is CEO of Regional Medical Imaging.

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