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Bringing AI to the OR showcases promising future for healthcare

June 22, 2021
Artificial Intelligence Operating Room

Using AI-enabled surgical video tools can also enhance patient satisfaction and safety. In my experience, I have found that my relationship with my patients has significantly improved from showing them their operations. Their understanding of when the procedure was challenging and why, and the results and outcomes of the procedure, provides them with confidence. With more insight into the details of their own procedures, patients may be more attentive to postoperative care instructions and less prone to phantom symptoms of complications. Having video that indicates that their procedure went well helps patients feel confident in the outcome.

Shortcomings with traditional recording processes and encouraging advancements
While surgical video is clearly important, gathering the content has historically been quite cumbersome. Before, using USB drives or external hard drives, surgical videos were never in a consistent format and clinicians had to sift through an overwhelming amount of content to get to a particular part of the surgery.

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Now, new technology exists that lives within a smart computer for the operating room (OR), with built-in AI anonymization capabilities that enable secure and easy access to surgical videos.

With a button click on the mobile device, the technology records the surgery and automatically uploads the video just a few minutes after the procedure into a vast library of consistently formatted surgical videos. AI algorithms anonymize the videos before they are uploaded, and full surgeries are automatically split into phases according to critical steps in a procedure.

This process allows clinicians to share their cases, without compromising patient privacy, on their phones with one another quickly and efficiently. Clinicians can also enter notes into each section of the surgery for further explanations, such as why a particular section may have been challenging or taken longer than the standard amount of time.

The importance of these features cannot be underscored enough. Anonymity, the removal of all personal patient information, is required by governance in order to share procedures for training purposes with anyone who was not in the surgery. Likewise, being able to jump to a portion of a particular surgical procedure that is already segmented from the rest of the surgery creates more efficient teaching conditions.

With thousands of shareable surgeries at their fingertips, trainees can walk through procedures time and again to hone their skills and thus further enhance patient care and patient safety; clinicians can talk through their work with patients to keep them confident and comfortable; and governance committees can stand by their surgeons’ work with tertiary organizations. The benefits of taking this old process and streamlining it with digital properties are great for clinicians and patients alike.

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