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Philips and Elekta partner to improve precision oncology interoperability

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 08, 2021
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Philips and Elekta are focusing on making cancer care more personalized by focusing on developing and leveraging more integrative, precision oncology solutions
Philips and Elekta are working to enhance comprehensive and personalized cancer care by focusing on the development and use of precision oncology solutions.

Building on an existing strategic partnership, the two companies are combining their capabilities to create integrated vendor-agnostic solutions that drive precision in oncology by enhancing interoperability between each one’s systems and software.

"Oncology care is transforming, driven by an increasingly precise diagnosis of each tumor, and a continuously expanding range of therapy options. These trends are creating a lot of opportunity to improve patient care, but they're also creating a lot of complexity. Healthcare providers need to be able to ensure that each patient gets the most precise diagnosis possible, and that they receive the most optimal treatment," Ardie Ermers, vice president and general manager of radiation oncology at Philips, told HCB News.
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The two plan to combine advanced informatics and image-guided radiotherapy solutions to develop more integrated solutions that span across complex cancer care pathways and enable more precise oncological treatments.

Philips and Elekta’s initial partnership is centered around leveraging the capabilities of the fast-emerging field of MR-guided adaptive radiotherapy. Through it, they have produced Philips MR-RT system and the Elekta Unity MR LINAC. For its part, Philips offers a broad range of advanced technologies and capabilities in precision diagnostics, including CT and MR simulation, oncology informatics and digital pathology. Elekta brings to the table capabilities in precision radiation medicine across treatment planning and delivery.

By extending their collaboration, the two are aiming to create a better diagnostic process and adaptive, personalized treatments for clinicians, as well as shorten treatment times and create more precise therapies for patients. They are also hoping their work will lower the costs of care for healthcare providers.

In today’s environment, providers are seeking integrated solutions for the entire cancer care pathway that enable them to precisely diagnose and treat each tumor and evaluate progress effectively at follow-up. This integrated approach allows for potentially quicker, more accurate visualization of the tumor, easier decision-making on optimal treatment strategy, earlier assessment of therapy responses, and more effective and efficient therapy delivery.

Gustaf Salford, Elekta’s president and CEO, says greater precision in oncological diagnostics translates to “easier selection by clinicians of the optimal treatment strategy and more efficient and effective therapy delivery.”

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