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The mobile C-arm is on the move

June 18, 2021
Business Affairs X-Ray

The times are changing
The days of all procedures and imaging having to happen in a traditional hospital environment are gone. Instead, moving services and medical procedures closer to the wider population is going to be the future.

Whilst there are, so far, a limited number of players in the portable mobile C-arm space it is thought that more vendors will enter this space. Signify expects the major players to all consider this option and potentially bring out products once the market has matured and is ripe for exploitation. However, at this point, this sector remains in its infancy. With new pay-per-scan payment models being a possibility, the key imaging providers would be wise to consider adding this as another string to the commercial bow. Turner Imaging Systems, along with brands like Adaptix, are at the forefront of changing the location of remote imaging now, but at a relatively small scale. Larger vendors with the financial might and influence can bring this trend to a wider audience and drive a higher level of adoption, helping it to transition to a mass-market product. This will also happen as more surgical centres open and awareness builds.

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Ultimately, Turner Imaging Systems may be paving the way, but for surgery in remote centres to really take hold, the companies with more clout will also need to follow.

About the author: Graham Cooke is a senior market analyst with Signify Research.

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