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Changes in women’s health technology

July 14, 2021
Women's Health
From the July 2021 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Kaitlyn Wilkie
AI software in mammography is currently being used to triage cases by irregularities found, and to aid the radiologist in interpreting images. The radiologist remains the final decision-maker on callbacks for additional diagnostics, as available AI software does not yet consistently outperform an experienced radiologist in a stand-alone setting. However, multiple studies have found using AI in conjunction with a radiologist’s visual interpretation improves cancer detection while decreasing false positives and unnecessary callbacks. AI software’s capabilities are also beneficial to clinics’ workflows. In helping radiologists prioritize cases and identify suspicious lesions, AI decreases reading time required on low-score images and overall workload. There is room in the women’s health market for deep learning AI software to grow in coming years, as demand for imaging services is outgrowing the percentage of practicing radiologists in the US.

About the authors: Kaitlyn Wilkie and Krys Lee are clinical advisors at TractManager, now a part of symplr.

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