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Women's Health Product Showcase

by Mai Hiraoka, Media Relations Manager | July 21, 2021
Women's Health
CureMetrix AI
From the July 2021 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

CureMetrix AI - Supporting Radiology for Women's Health

For improved clinical outcomes, streamlined workflow and reduced healthcare cost, CureMetrix is delivering AI-based solutions that support the radiologist to dramatically improve the accuracy
of detection and the classification of anomalies in mammography for earlier breast cancer and heart disease detection in women. In studies published in the Journal of Digital Imaging, CureMetrix AI-based solutions demonstrated the ability to reduce false positives by 69% over traditional CAD and help radiologists improve their breast cancer detection rate on average 27%, without increasing recall rates. Additionally, radiologists can realize up to a 30% reduction in mammography reading time to streamline practice workflow.

Visit CureMetrix.com or email info@CureMetrix.com

SOLO DMR Digital Mammography Retrofit System
SOLO™ DMR Digital Mammography Retrofit System
Medical Scientific

Introducing the world's first Wireless Portable Digital Mammography Detector!

The SOLO™ DMR prolongs the life of analog systems and provides a cost benefit to purchasing new, expensive digital mammography systems. This quick, convenient solution provides the opportunity to upgrade outdated analog equipment into a modern digital system. Designed to fit the standard 24x30cm cassette bucky, the SOLO™ DMR is compatible with most mammography units.

Enter into the digital age with the capability to diagnose breast abnormalities quickly, precisely, and efficiently with sophisticated CMOS
Technology. A high-resolution pixel size of 49.5 m enhances your equipment to the full power of FFDM!

GE Pristina
Assured Imaging

Assured Imaging has a national presence and brings over 25 years of healthcare innovation. Our exclusive relationships with manufacturers such as GE ensure we deliver marked benefits and cutting-edge imaging equipment to providers and patients. That’s why we are proud to showcase GE’s Senographe Pristina, which provides increased comfort for patients, confidence for technologists, and superior clarity for radiologists.

One of the newer tomo systems on the market, The Pristina features several industry firsts, i.e. the Dueta and provides the most advanced technology for breast imaging.

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