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Radiography solutions get smarter

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | November 15, 2021
From the November 2021 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

GE also released the Definium Tempo — a fixed, overhead tube suspension (OTS) digital X-ray system that uses automation to improve workflow, acting as what the company calls a “personal assistant” to the technologist. The system comes with a tube-mounted console for patient selection, protocol selection, technique modification and positioning setup, so the technologist can set up the exam beside the patient.

Workflow features, such as Auto Positioning, Auto Centering and Auto Tracking, automate the positioning of system components to improve ergonomics for the technologist.

JPI Healthcare Solutions Inc.
The company recently planned a limited October beta launch of its ExamVue Duo acquisition software, which works with DR systems and is designed for high-end, high-volume markets, including mobile X-ray, hospital, and general urgent care.

The software is designed for a touchscreen user interface and an easy-to-follow workflow, with a picture to illustrate the technique for each exposure.

“Operators can see where they are in the workflow easily,” said Khoa Le, marketing manager for JPI Healthcare Solutions Inc.

With integrated generators, technique is set by the software for the technician instead of going to the X-ray generator, saving time and minimizing errors. The integration works with generators from JPI Healthcare Solutions as well as leading manufacturers, such as CPI, Poskom, CubeX and IMD.

The software also comes with tools designed to be customizable for private practices of many kinds.

KA Imaging
In the last year, the company received FDA and Health Canada clearance for its Reveal 35C dual-energy X-ray detector. The DR detector provides a retrofit that’s adaptable to any CR or DR system and can deliver three images — soft tissue only, bone only, and both — with a single acquisition.

“Because our detector is a single exposure, we reduce the radiation dose compared to other dual-energy systems and eliminate motion artifacts,” said Robert Moccia, vice president of international sales for the U.S. and Canada at KA Imaging.

The Reveal 35C is also a quarter of the cost of a full room, according to Moccia.

“We’ve removed some of the inherent impediments of other dual-energy technologies — motion artifacts, double exposure and high cost,” Moccia said.

The market for the detector includes cancer centers and higher-end academic institutions that are more focused on outcomes than cost,” Moccia said.

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas
The company has continued to put its Dynamic Digital Radiography

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