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GE Healthcare's silicon-based photon-counting CT under clinical evaluation

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | November 23, 2021
CT X-Ray

The research group will perform additional studies with a larger number of participants to explore the potential for improving image quality. They will also look at pattern recognition (AI), data management and optimization of visual information to help radiologists better assess the state of diseases for different parts of the body.

"GE Healthcare is working diligently to advance its capabilities through clinical evaluation and, once satisfied with its performance, will expeditiously deliver a clinically viable photon-counting CT system with Deep Silicon detectors," Sonia Sahney, chief marketing officer of molecular imaging and computed tomography at GE Healthcare, told HCB News.

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Additionally Siemens just launched a new photon-counting CT scanner, NAEOTOM Alpha. Cleared for clinical use in the U.S. and Europe, the solution uses photon-counting to produce detailed 3D images and has a Dual Source design for working fast and can remove obstructions caused by calcifications.

Canon is also looking at the potential around photon-counting CT by partnering with the National Cancer Center Japan and EAST Hospital in Kashiwa to conduct research on its use. The three plan to use the quantitative capabilities of the technology to assess treatment effects from chemotherapeutic agents on malignant tumors. They will also analyze different tissue characteristics for clinical insights in different medical fields.

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