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Why cyberstorage solutions are healthcare’s best option for ransomware defense

January 04, 2022
Cyber Security Health IT

Proactively protecting unstructured data with cyberstorage
There isn’t a magic bullet to eradicating the threat of ransomware against the healthcare sector for good. Defending threats will always come down to evolving strong security practices, layering advanced technology, and continued diligence. One of those areas of evolution is Cyberstorge, which specifically addresses the data-centric element of security. More than 80% of EHRs are unstructured and stored on systems that leverage decades old security technology. Some systems pass off encryption or data protection (backups, snapshots) as cybersecurity, but those protections have existed nearly as long as the NAS market and have done nothing to slow or stop advanced attacks like ransomware or insider threat (data theft, sabotage).

Cyberstorage solutions are the first data-centric solutions that take security seriously, starting by addressing all three phases of the data security lifecycle in a unified and holistic manner.
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Cyber hygiene - minimize attack vectors though policy-based controls, ensure data protection and retention, and prove it on a daily basis through continuous compliance and reporting
Active defense - detect attacks as they happen, synchronize defenses to terminate malicious activity in a cyber resilient manner and minimize impact, alert and integrate with external systems for coordinated defense
Remediation & recovery - remediate the incident, quickly restore and return to service

This unified approach to data management is only attainable through the accelerated adoption of cyberstorage solutions that can be deployed anywhere critical data resides – on-premises, in the cloud, at the edge, or in hybrid environments. Unlike traditional NAS and object systems - the backbone of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and vendor neutral archives (VNA) - which rely on access controls, backups and sometimes encryption for security, cyberstorage solutions deliver active security technologies to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from ransomware attacks against unstructured data. Consider it a seismic shift away from legacy NAS technology that wasn’t designed to defend against the evolving tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of attackers.

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