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Why cyberstorage solutions are healthcare’s best option for ransomware defense

January 04, 2022
Cyber Security Health IT

By leveraging cyberstorage solutions, healthcare organizations are essentially following a data-centric Zero Trust model – an enhanced version of the traditional Zero Trust framework – that secures their unstructured data with always-on protection policies, active security for detecting malicious activity, and end-to-end data compliance. With AI and machine learning capabilities, the system can identify compromised accounts, malicious behaviors, and insider threats in real time to create a unified line of defense as close to unstructured data as possible. That means no more relying on perimeter-based protections that lack visibility of network end-points and user behaviors.

Going one step further, cyberstorage solutions also streamline compliance with Electronic Health Record (EHR) requirements relative to archive and records disposition, regulatory compliance and reporting, and data protection. With simplified processes, enterprises can more efficiently demonstrate when data has been purged or deleted, as well as generate automated reports to confirm compliance of auditing, investigations, government regulations and more.

Amidst our current global health crisis, ensuring patient safety and exceptional care through the protection of unstructured data assets has never been more critical. In reality, there are two paths ahead for healthcare organizations to take. Those that act now to integrate cyberstorage solutions within their data security measures will be far better positioned to secure their high-value assets and actively defend against ransomware. Meanwhile, those that don't will remain at a high risk of significant loss, both financially and in the ability to deliver patient care.

The choice is yours, but the clock is ticking.

About the author: Eric Bednash is the CEO and co-founder of RackTop Systems.

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