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Meeting healthcare challenges with an inspired workforce

by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | May 03, 2022
From the May 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

It’s why everyone on his team is responsible for ensuring patients and their families have an exceptional care experience.

“I am highly focused on my team and have a walking leadership style. I don’t sit in my office. I’m on the floor, hosting regular in-person town halls, participating in huddles and conducting pulse engagement surveys,” he said. “Everyone has a voice at our hospital and many of our decisions are made together, as a team. I think teams thrive in an inclusive, safe culture.”

For Smithson, consumer awareness is an area that requires constant innovation.

“When potential patients and families do their research, we want them to see what we’re all about: our mission, our approach to care, the services we provide, what our patients’ families say about our care and the recovery stories of our patients,” he explained

Going forward post-pandemic
Smithson believes health systems/hospitals will continue to face pandemic challenges as it relates to the nation’s workforce, not just in healthcare, but other industries as well. No matter the challenge, his priority is to keep patients and staff safe and deliver quality care.

“My long-term outlook is optimistic,” said Smithson. “An organization, or individual hospital, is only as good as the people leading and working within it. Those who don’t put their employees front-and-center, who aren’t willing to listen and adapt, will lose ground in the future. A great workplace culture is vital.”

Drew Smithson
He also thinks there will be consolidation across health care systems with the number of independent hospitals shrinking year over year. This reality will make the ability to effectively reach healthcare consumers across the digital ecosystem – where they live -- the most important marketing strategy moving forward.

“Expertise, authority, and trust is what people look for when making big decisions like choosing where to send a loved one for extended critical care,” he concluded. “You have to tell your story and your online presence and reputation never mattered more.”

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