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The latest in radiography and fluoroscopy

by Lisa Chamoff, Contributing Reporter | November 14, 2022
Philips Radiology Smart Assistant
From the November 2022 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

For all aspects of imaging, manufacturers have an eye toward streamlining workflow and improving image quality. New radiography and fluoroscopy solutions integrate automation and image enhancements while continuing to keep radiation dose low.

Mobile X-ray systems are incorporating more advanced applications and, on the detector side, equipment is getting lighter and providing higher-quality images.

Here is what’s new in radiography and fluoroscopy from several companies.

Carestream recently launched its new Focus HD 35 and Focus HD 43 detectors. They feature a 100-micron pixel pitch that provides higher resolution for improved image details and allows for image magnification for better visibility of small objects and microstructures.

The pixel pitch is smaller than Carestream’s Focus 35C and 43C detectors. The new detectors are also lighter-weight and have a higher IP rating of IP56 for better protection against dust and fluid ingress. They are also competitively priced for facilities looking to upgrade to full wireless DR.

The detectors are compatible with a wide variety of DR systems and are also available as a retrofit solution.

“The Focus detectors present an ease of entry price into wireless DR technology and provide excellent image quality,” said Jill Hamman, worldwide marketing manager for global X-ray solutions at Carestream Health.

GE Healthcare
In August, GE Healthcare released the Definium 656 HD, a fixed X-ray system that comes with automation, assistive intelligence and advanced application, as well as what the company says is the fastest movement and highest weight capacity in GE Healthcare’s fixed X-ray portfolio.

“The system acts like a ‘personal assistant’ to help technologists deliver consistent, efficient and highly automated imaging exams that impart clinical confidence across the radiology department, while also improving overall patient experience by keeping workflow control in the room for healthcare providers,” said Tanya Lancaster, general manager for Global Fixed X-ray at GE Healthcare.

To minimize variability and improve diagnostic confidence, the Definium 656 HD includes 100 μm FlashPad HD detectors and the latest Helix 2.2 advanced image processing software with on-device artificial intelligence (AI).

“These advanced technologies combine to provide outstanding clarity and exceptional anatomical detail across 59 different image types, with anatomy-specific image enhancement regardless of variations in dose, patient positioning, field of view and metal,” Lancaster said.

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