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Delphinus Medical Technologies Inc

June 01, 2023
Women's Health Sponsored
Be the leader in your market with a dedicated Dense Breast Screening Program that offers women with dense breasts an efficient and effective option for supplemental breast imaging. Based on current research, an estimated 40% of women in the US have dense breasts. This suggests 40% of women should be offered supplemental imaging. However, current imaging options are not meeting the need. Hand-held ultrasound or standard whole breast ultrasound are time intensive, can be uncomfortable and are performed on a separate day as mammogram. In the case of MRI, not only is the experience uncomfortable, but it is expensive.

Now, there is SoftVue 3D whole Breast Ultrasound Tomography. A SOLUTION that provides same-day screening, increases cancer detection by 20% and reduces call-backs by 8% when combined with mammography, and 90% of women who experienced SoftVue rated it as the best breast imaging experience they encountered and would recommend SoftVue to other women.

The SoftVue system and Image Review software can be easily integrated into your clinical workflow to meet the needs of your dense breast patients and physicians.

• Operator efficiency: no specific degree or licensing is required for SoftVue Operators..
• SoftVue volume: Scan up to 12 patients a day
• Image Review Software: Flexible and adaptable software offering a simplified reading protocol and two software licensing options
• Insurance Coverage: Billable under current breast ultrasound CTP codes

Learn more or request a demo at www.delphinusmt.com

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