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How to improve modern-day healthcare management

March 06, 2023
Health IT
Roy Bejarano
By Roy Bejarano

Healthcare organizations have been under much scrutiny in the past few years, especially as they weathered the unprecedented pandemic and all of the changes that were wrought by the pandemic. As a result, those who manage and lead healthcare organizations have had to make many shifts in the way they work and structure their organizations to best meet the needs of patients and staff.

Taking on challenges
Healthcare managers face a variety of challenges as they try to bring quality healthcare to the masses and improve processes. One of the most significant issues is American health insurance.

Navigating the insurance landscape can be a formidable hurdle for any company, requiring many staff hours and resources to traverse appropriately. From billing to approvals, learning the ins and outs of the constantly evolving insurance world should be a top priority for all healthcare organizations. By becoming well-versed in the way different insurance providers operate, and by automating as many systems as possible to tighten processes for patients and staff, working with insurance companies needn’t be a chore.

Organizations need to remember that, as frustrating as dealing with insurance can be for them, it can be nearly impossible for patients. Making space on one’s website and in-house for educational material about navigating insurance can go a long way to improving processes for everyone.

Another challenge that healthcare organizations face is growth. Many organizations have a growth mindset, but the process of scaling can be difficult. Finding and retaining quality staff may be harder than ever when one is up against record resignation rates.

How healthcare organizations approach the issue of scaling can often lead to a make-or-break situation for them. Small organizations may grapple with the decision to consolidate with larger groups in order to solidify their survival in an increasingly competitive healthcare environment. Retention may be on the minds of healthcare companies who struggle to keep costs reasonable but still provide a healthy, supportive, and ultimately financially viable work environment for their staff.

These are not the only issues that healthcare managers face. Other issues such as overhead costs, risk management and regulatory compliance, and providing top-notch, yet affordable care to patients are all issues that likely concern healthcare leaders at one time or another.

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