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Dunlee DA200P40+LMB CT Replacement Tube

June 01, 2023
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Alternative to OEM Tubes Gives Hospitals a Choice When Replacing CT Tubes.

Field-proven in multiple installations in both the U.S.A. and Europe, the DA200P40+LMB tube features Dunlee’s exclusive CoolGlide™ technology. The liquid metal bearing does not create friction, resulting in virtually no wear and long life. Outstanding heat dissipation eliminates the need to wait for the tube to cool down between exams, enhancing throughput. Busy hospitals also will appreciate the tube’s ability to quickly reach operation mode and run all day without interruption.

Sites in both the USA and Europe have experienced the benefits of the DA200P40+LMB tube. Service engineers appreciate the easy installation, while radiologists and patients appreciate the smooth operation and quiet environment. The DA200P40+LMB tube has been specifically designed for the GE Revolution™ and Optima™ CT660 CT scanners.

To learn more, visit dunlee.com.

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