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ImagineSoftware expands artificial intelligence platform, acquires Within Health

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | May 25, 2023 Artificial Intelligence Business Affairs
CHARLOTTE, N.C. | May 24, 2023 – ImagineSoftware™, a leading provider of medical billing automation software and revenue cycle management applications, announces its acquisition of Within Health, a leading organization specializing in radiology workflow automation. This strategic acquisition reinforces ImagineSoftware's commitment to advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, revolutionizing workflows, and enhancing patient retention while minimizing administrative costs for radiology imaging centers nationwide.

Sam Khashman, the President and CEO of ImagineSoftware, emphasizes the company's dedication to delivering automated solutions that prioritize clients and patients in today's healthcare landscape. "This acquisition builds upon that mission and makes Within Health the perfect partner to add to our platform," Khashman states. "By adding to the technology stack, we provide a unique advantage to the radiology groups we serve, placing true AI at the fingertips of our clients to save time and elevate patient care."

At the forefront of this collaboration is RadNav, the pinnacle of healthcare follow-up communication and automated scheduling technology. RadNav boasts a seamless, closed-loop automation process, commencing from reading medical reports and extending to scheduling follow-up protocols, reminding patients about their appointments and facilitating pre-payment options. The system meticulously transmits all relevant information back to the practice or imaging center, streamlining scheduling operations. Its unique, omnichannel communication tools, combined with ImagineSoftware’s sophisticated eligibility, patient estimation, and authorization processes, ensures effective and efficient patient engagement while also alleviating the stress associated with follow-up medical appointments for patients and medical practitioners alike.

In addition, RadNav's integration with ImagineSoftware enables advanced analytics, as well as a fully automated and hands-off approach to patient management. Offering measurable results and transparency for practices when tracking additional services availed by patients and the corresponding income generated, RadNav's mission is to revolutionize the healthcare experience. With its unique value proposition, it proves to be a game-changer in patient care and practice management.

Adam Kirell, CEO of Within Health, shares his enthusiasm for joining forces with ImagineSoftware. "ImagineSoftware offers access to both data and complementary solutions, including prior authorization and billing, that enhance Within Health's RadNav product offerings and reduce overall implementation costs," Kirell explains. "Becoming a part of the ImagineSoftware family opens up new avenues for us to provide practices with out-of-the-box follow-up tracking and reminder tools, leading to improved outcomes and measurable return on investment. We are united with the Imagine team and thrilled about the opportunities this merger presents."

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