Three things to know about GE HealthCare's new SIGNA PET/MR AIR scanner

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | June 27, 2023
Molecular Imaging MRI
GE HealthCare's SIGNA PET/MR AIR scanner
At this weekend’s Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging’s 2023 annual meeting, GE HealthCare introduced its SIGNA PET/MR AIR scanner, which offers greater prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease capabilities.

“These diseases require precise and comprehensive imaging for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapy monitoring,” said Jie Xue, president and CEO of MR at GE HealthCare, in a statement.

Here are three key details:
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Built for theranostics
SIGNA PET/MR AIR has a sensitive time-of-flight PET detector for diagnosing conditions early and tracking disease progression, and MR attenuation correction capabilities for anatomical precision.

Together, these capabilities can be integrated with prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA)-targeted radiotracers to more precisely diagnose and stage or restage prostate cancer, as well as determine if a patient is a good fit for PSMA-targeted radioligand therapy. The PET detector facilitates earlier Alzheimer’s diagnoses and tracking for disease progression, and can identify adverse effects in a single scan.

Higher image quality
The scanner improves image quality with its sensitivity and AIR Recon DL software for deep-learning-based MR image reconstruction, which cut scanning time in half. It also has AIR Coil technology that adjusts to the human body’s shape to boost comfort, image quality, and PET quantitation, and protect technologists from exposure to patients injected with radioactive isotopes.

MotionFree Brain software also prevents patient head motion from degrading PET brain scans and requires no external tracking devices, enhancing quantitative accuracy for small lesions, and reducing repeat scans.

Personalized scanning
The intelligent workflow application AIR x automatically identifies anatomy, and recommends MR slices for five times faster setup with four times fewer mouse clicks, while AIR Touch makes adjustments based on anatomy and protocol parameters with a single touch.

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