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Marie™ by Leo Cancer Care

September 01, 2023
CT Rad Oncology Proton Therapy X-Ray Sponsored
Marie by Leo Cancer Care
This year's ASTRO event will feature a significant representation of upright radiation therapy solutions. Come and experience a typical patient setup in our groundbreaking upright solution Marie™, a particle therapy compatible solution. Central to Marie™ is its innovative upright patient positioning system coupled with a diagnostic CT scanner, seamlessly integrating simulation and treatment within a single location. Find out about the numerous advantages that treating patients in the upright orientation offers. Explore the clinical, economic, and paramount patient and clinician benefits that the upright system will bring.

Please note, the Leo Cancer Care technology is not commercially available and will not treat patients until the required regulatory approval has been achieved.

Learn more at Leo Cancer Care and visit us at ASTRO booth 4207.

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