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Hospitals can improve patient experiences by replacing static white boards with digital displays and multi-function televisions

September 18, 2023
Health IT
Tom Mottlau
By Tom Mottlau

Embracing new technologies generally comes with a financial cost, and hospital systems around the world are grappling with which technologies they should invest in to improve patient experiences and care. Beyond the primary need for medical devices and machines, there is a growing movement in the industry to create more patient-friendly rooms that help patients understand their care and ensure accurate record keeping.

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Digitization has been growing in hospital and medical settings for years, but until now it has largely been relegated to backend use by staff. Now, a new wave of healthcare-focused technologies are enabling medical centers to deliver up-to-date care information and modern media options directly to patients. LG’s Patient Engagement Boards, for instance, offer optimized digital solutions and simplified installation for a range of patient room needs, improving experiences for both patients and caregivers while simplifying operations for administrators and IT staff. One of the greatest benefits of digital data is the visibility and certainty it provides to patients who want to know their current status, care team, upcoming appointments or other information pertinent to their care.

The clarity offered by typed reports and schedules, viewable on digital displays, can help give patients greater assurance than old communication methods that rely on handwritten notes and could result in confusion or miscommunications. Static white boards, for instance, are subject to a variety of issues including smudging, illegibility, permanent markings and accidental erasure of patient care info. Since accuracy is paramount in every aspect of medical care, making up-to-date information available digitally can help increase patients’ trust in their caregivers while improving the overall experience.

Keeping it all together
In addition to ensuring data is up to date, new displays and software can also simplify record keeping and improve doctor-patient communication. A main industry focus is how standardized technology solutions and systems designs enable entire organizations to implement consistent processes across multiple buildings or locations, which makes common tasks easier for both veteran and new staff members. Standardizing what information is shared and displayed can also simplify training for new staff on how and what to communicate with patients.

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